As a design + build company, we are uniquely qualified to orchestrate and produce a complete project, from initial planning, design and permitting to the completion of a beautiful and enlivening space, ready for you to enjoy.

The work involved in creating any new space requires a solid, efficient working relationship spanning many months. We believe this relationship is best developed with a single entity whose sole mission and focus is to deliver a beautiful product, on time and on budget.

Architect : derives from the Latin architectus, itself derived from the Greek arkhitekton (arkhi, chief + tekton, builder), i.e. chief builder.

Our work, primarily based in modernist forms using natural and sustainable materials, invites the art of architecture and design to join with the precision and craft of building resulting in a harmony of dreams and reality.

Trained both as architects + builders, we excel in navigating through each projects particular challenges: codes, site conditions, energy efficiency considerations, budgetary constraints, etc., and relish the opportunity to blend these with the projects unique qualities and underlying design solutions, resulting in a simple, clear floor plan and a space as beautiful as it is timeless.
Our initial meeting is free and will help determine if there is a shared vision and comfort level between us, as well as begin a dialogue about the project scope, budget and schedule which must each be reconciled with the others.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, we offer a broad range of services designed to fit the needs of your specific project:

Project Management - aka Construction Management

As the scope and complexity of a project increase, so do the tasks and responsibilities of the Owner, many of which fall between the purview of the architect and builder.

We will help you:

Feasibility Studies and Pre-construction Planning

Architectural Design Services – Five phases

I Schematic Design will define the project's objectives, components and systems from which various sketch solutions are explored. One of these schemes (or bits and pieces from different schemes) then becomes the direction for the next phase. A budgetary cost analysis based on industry standard unit costs will be generated at this time.

II Design Development consists of a closer examination of the proposed design elements and building systems. Structural solutions, electrical and mechanical systems, materials, finishes and colors, as well as many other aspects of the design are further explored. During this phase the templates for the construction documents are developed and the cost estimate is updated. These documents can also be the basis for a "Planning Review Set" when required, as they do not require construction or engineering methods.

III Construction Documents Once planning approval is secured, the drawings necessary for obtaining a building permit, contractor bids, and to actually build the project commence. The most time intensive portion of the architectural process, the construction documents phase integrates all the information relative to work, including structural and architectural design, materials, finishes, fixtures, and equipment.

IV Bidding and Negotiation With the completed construction documents, it is time to contract for the construction process. This can be accomplished by working with a select contractor, or by inviting several qualified contractors to bid on the work.

V Contract Administration As the construction commences, it is important that visits by the architect to the job site are scheduled to ensure compliance with the design, that the quality is commensurate with intent, and that communication regarding schedule and any changes be regularly disseminated.

General Contracting

If you have already established a relationship with an architect or designer, we will collaborate with them to deliver your project on time and on budget.
Adam Barton received his undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in1986, after two years in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. Upon completion of his Master of Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania in1990, he designed and built an island home for a client off the coast of Maine, before coming back home to California.

Adam has designed and built numerous homes, additions and remodels on both coasts and Central America.

CA Architect, License # C-26365, 1996
CA Builder, License # 932239, 2010