Donal Street Home, El Cerrito
This four unit office building in West Berkeley was a "ground up" project for my architecture and design firm, incorporating a wood shop which was integral to our material studies and fabrications.

Because of the extensive site work required by the covered parking ordinance, we decided to conceive of it and the building as one tectonic composition. To unify the whole, everything on the property is laid out according to a module based on the length of the cement boards used to clad the building.
Designed and built with a very limited budget, The Family Violence Prevention Fund Offices take full advantage of the perimeter windows along the mezzanine offices by glazing the interior walls, allowing daylight to flood the communal workspaces below.

Using off the shelf products in unusual ways, we were able to deliver an interesting, highly functional space for very little cost.
This project was conceived as complimentary outbuildings to the old California ranch style of the main house. The program called for a pool house, artist's studio and guesthouse, which we organized around an outdoor fireplace and bbq area providing a visual backdrop to the existing pool as viewed from the main house.
This home had been denuded of its original detail, and needed a full foundation replacement. The single story two bedroom, one bath residence was transformed into a four bedroom, two and one half bath home that connected to a large previously under utilized rear yard.
On a large south facing lot, stood a tiny one bedroom, one bath cottage that would eventually be repurposed and merged with the adjacent three bedroom two bath addition.
Built for two surfers and their family's, we packed up and drove down to Costa Rica to enjoy the lifestyle for the better part of a year. Given it's seasonal use, we needed to ensure this home's security while maintaining as much openness to the outside as possible.

Designed as a series of individual rooms beneath a large, unifying roof, we used local almond hardwood for the perimeter openings and structure.
This home was a study in allowing the site to help inform the design process as we cleared a heavily wooded site to expose the dramatic granite beneath.

Built upon two distinct rock outcroppings, the design emerged as two separate structures joined together by a third, more ephemeral space housing the stair and circulation spaces between the two.
1-3: San Leandro Kitchen
4-7: Pacific Heights Kitchen
8-10: Russian Hill Kitchen
11-15: Berkeley Kitchen
Our client inherited this home from her parents who had created a troubled floor plan that did not take advantage of an incredibly beautiful site next to the Carmel Lagoon. By removing significant portions of the existing home, relocating the front entry, and rotating the master suite addition towards the Highlands beyond, we capitalized on the potential for a very open yet private retreat.
1-3: Cow Hollow Roof Deck
4-5: Oakland Deck and Stairs
6-7: Berkeley Custom Sink